Because our political process and the government it delivers 
 are owned and dominated by the wealthy and the biggest corporations,
 there is a gap, a disconnect 
 – of identification, of engagement, of influence, and of trust — 
 between the people and politics and between the people and government.
 In this election year, 
 how can the Occupy/99% movement best occupy that gap?
 The answer to that question is important for the Occupy/99% movement,  the electoral process, and ultimately for the country.

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14 thoughts on “HOW DO WE OCCUPY THE GAP?”

  1. Hmm, may we consider some better questions?

    I wish to propose you repost this in light of the idea, “are we asking the best questions?” so others can propose more precise questions.

    Terry, as I view it, “HOW DO WE OCCUPY THE GAP?” is not as well-focussed as it hopes to be. In my mind, the question contains several cultural blinders, the same blinders that keep up sequestered from DOING what WORKS.
    The question does something else many Old Left approaches to change do that alienates much leadership talent: it “ignores” the role of a “whole systems approach,” a phrase related to “whole-brainedness,” a topic for which we have few common words for. The common vernacular for “whole-brainedness” is our word “spiritual.” As soon as you say “spiritual,” you lose alot of the Old Left audience. As soon as you DO NOT say “spiritual,” you lose the progressive leaders working in personal-spiritual growth, healing, churches and local grassroots orgs of many kinds.

    The above is meant to suggest the complexities of your original question the way it is asked.

    Is there a better question? Yes, I can think of a couple tho you will see again how the answers are not where we wish to find them; that is, where they are easy to find and point to changes easy to make.

    Another better question might be: What frequency is the Earth as a whole entering into; and, what activities are aligned with the new frequency and what activities are not aligned?

    Another better question might be: Why do people NOT do what works to make the world better and more humane for themselves and others?

    Another better question might be: In general the workers cannot unite and never could unite. Workers do not unite; only LEADERS can unite workers. Where are we producing leaders who can lead workers? Where are we producing leaders who can think in whole-brained ways? [This takes us to Waldorf education heh heh heh]

    Another better question might be: Where are people already practicing and demonstrating SOLUTIONS to “the gap”? This takes us to Findhorn, Mondragon Cooperatives, ecovillages, permaculture, devotional singing and Dances of Universal Peace.

    Another better question might be: Where are people already practicing and demonstrating solutions LOCALLY TO ME and which one do I feel passionate about?

    This is where change will come from, I believe.

  2. The previous comment not withstanding, I’ll offer an idea that I’ve been mulling: “Vote 3rd!”. Make it clear that voting is important, and that there are more than 2 choices. Make it clear that “wasting your vote” in this context means “voting for the Republocratic Circus”. (The coined term is deliberate — it is definitely a circus, especially in the sense of “bread and circuses” to distract the people.)

    Make it clear that not voting is a lousy, ineffective way to protest. Even if your favorite (or least unfavorite) 3rd party candidate doesn’t get elected, a significant increase in his/her vote total will be noticed.

    Make it clear that voters should ignore the old scare tactic “We have to vote for Mr. D (Ms. R) to make sure that Ms. R (Mr. D) doesn’t get into office!”

    Also make it clear that anyone who really believes that a particular R or D candidate is worthy of the office, should vote for her/him.

  3. It seems to me what Don Dwiggins is suggesting is exactly what Occupy was best at. Occupy wasn’t about finding visible leaders to lead the workers as Bruce Dickson suggests we need. Occupy worked specifically because there was no specific leader for the press (and government) to target and ideas were community generated. The movement would have been shut down sooner if it had leaders who were easy to target. What we need is an Occupy based website where millions of people can pledge to vote 3rd party and we can make it clear to everyone Independents far outnumber Democrats and Republicans. An election where all independents and independent-minded Democrats and Republicans voted their conscience would certainly go to a third party candidate. The trick will be to keep the corporate donations from swaying them to act as Rewps and Dems do once he or she is in office.

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