Tap the Unique Power of Story and Narrative

Learn how and why narrative and storytelling engage and motivate audiences. Learn the elements of good story – whether in a big budget screenplay or a one-to-one conversation. Develop your ability to communicate in "story packages" – combining a compelling story, a memorable piece of data, and a clear call to action. Find your roles in the many interconnecting narratives in which you work – from stories of individual clients or staff to the overarching narrative of changing the world. 


This webinar can be offered as a single session or as multiple sessions.


Multiple sessions meet every other week with a limited number of participants. This allows for growth, depth, development, feedback, and mutual support. Drafts of work are uploaded to an interactive online gathering place between sessions for feedback and revision. We work on collecting stories, building a story culture, and developing your larger narrative.


For additional details or to book a webinar, click here or call us at 310.486.3691 (Note: My office is in a canyon with reception issues. When you leave a message, also please send an email.)


A slate and schedule of additional webinars will be announced soon. The content and skills taught will be similar to our speeches and workshops and they can be customized to fit your needs.