LINDA GREENHOUSE – JUSTICE ON THE BRINK – 12 months that transformed the Supreme Court

The current Supreme Court is the achieved goal of a decades long project on the Right and in the Republican party. Though the 6-3 conservative majority refused to help Trump steal the election, they consistently aid and abet GOP voter suppression and minority rule. Arguments in the Mississippi abortion case indicate their readiness to overrule Roe v Wade. LINDA GREENHOUSE begins her new book, JUSTICE ON THE BRINK, in July 2020, shortly before Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, covers McConnell’s unseemly rush to confirm Amy Coney Barrett, and then reports and analyzes each month through the end of the term in June 2021 – providing history and context along the way, gathered in her 30 years covering the Court for the New York Times. We talk about that term and the beginning of the highly consequential new one.

Linda Greenhouse – New York Times

Linda Greenhouse – Yale Law