Free Forum Q&A – RANDY HAYES, ED of Foundation Earth former head of Rainforest Action Network Now working to “ecologize” the economy



Originally Aired November 2012
RANDY HAYES, described in the Wall Street Journal as “an environmental pit bull,” is a veteran of many high-visibility corporate accountability campaigns and has advocated for the rights of Indigenous peoples. These days the primary work of the founder of RAINFOREST ACTION NETWORK and current Executive Director of FOUNDATION EARTH is rethinking and “ecologizing” the economy.

According to Hayes, “The most important environmental or human rights policy is economic policy. That means changing the very basis of the failed system that created the problem. We need a deep green economy – not a green-washing economy. We must ecologize the economy…To start, we must help under-consumers (the malnourished and wanting) move up to a sustainable level of consumption while we assist over-consumers (the wasteful and indifferent) down. We must protect the remnants of wild nature and allow for damaged land, water, and sky to heal.”

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