Free Forum Q&A – GEORGE McGOVERN A Politician of Principle & ANDREW BACEVICH THE LIMITS OF POWER: The End of American Exceptionalism






GEORGE McGOVERN (originally aired November 2005)
ANDREW BACEVICH (0riginally aired September 2008)

As Congress debates a new budget this week, I read the following headline, “Defense hawks in U.S. Congress move to boost military budgets.” It’s worth noting that the US spends more on “defense” than the next 9 countries combined. So this week I offer you interviews with two men whose military service contributed to their cautious view of America’s armed adventures – longtime Senator and 1972 Democratic presidential candidate, George McGovern and retired Army colonel Andrew Bacevich, who is now the first George McGovern Fellow at Columbia University.
At 24, I ran an Assembly District in LA County for McGovern’s Presidential campaign. In 2005, with the release of the documentary, One Bright Shining Moment: The Forgotten Summer of George McGovern, I had the opportunity to record this interview.

in The Limits of Power, I believe Andrew Basevich pulls things together in ways that I hadn’t seen before. Things like our politics of personality, the rise of the imperial presidency, and our national culture of consumption and how all of those link to our military adventures. I say each week that I’m looking for pieces of the puzzle, and I believe today’s guest is pulling some of them together in ways that make our problems clearer and change more possible.

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