WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO THE 1960’s? Capitalism + Media vs Democracy – EDWARD MORGAN

Written on January 14th, 2022

I’m curious about the meanings and lesson of the ‘60s. Questions and values that emerged in the 1960s are alive in Millennials and younger today, and I believe they stand a chance to build something deeper and more sustainable this time. This week I speak with EDWARD MORGAN. His 2010 book, WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO THE 1960’s?: How Mass Media Culture Failed American Democracy seeks to explain both what actually happened and what happened to how we remember it, how the mass media shaped the popular image, meaning and value of that political and cultural decade –  caricaturing what was a genuine small-d democratic movement of movements challenging the status quo  as a generational rebellion of indulgence. Best forgotten. You can learn more at tedmorgan.blogspot.com