Q&A: David DeGraw – Occupy/99%

Written on June 20th, 2012


Aired 06/17/12

DAVID DeGRAW, who a year ago was among a handful who called for the 99% to rise up. On June 14th, Flag Day, last year, Anonymous and the 99% Movement launched a collaborative effort to announce the birth of a “decentralized non-violent resistance movement to end the system of political bribery and break up the big banks centered at the Federal Reserve.” This morphed into Occupy Wall Street, and we will talk about one of the newest incarnations of that effort.

DAVID DeGRAW. David is founder and editor of http://ampedstatus.com/, formerly editorial director of http://mediachannel.org/, and author of The Economic Elite Vs The People of the United States. He is one of the early leaders of the the Occupy/99% movement and one of the founders of http://moneyoutpack.org/