Q&A: Social Entrepreneurs-Creating Good Work

Written on March 25th, 2013


Aired: 03/24/13

This week I’m joined by RON SCHULTZ, editor of a new book, CREATING GOOD WORK, that brings together essays by social entrepreneurs that share their experiences as well as their insights and advice for others. Ron has invited a few of his book’s contributors (PAUL HERMAN, founder/CEO HIP Investor Inc; JIM FRUCHTERMAN, founder/CEO Benetech; CARRIE FREEMAN, Second Muse, formerly Intel) to join us, and I want to tap each person’s individual story while asking some of these bigger questions —

What is a social entrepreneur? What’s working in the field? Why is it working? What is the larger goal or vision? Why is social entrepreneurship important? What are the big challenges? What lessons have they learned? Where can listeners learn more?

I hope someone new to the concept will understand what we’re talking about and a knowledgeable listener will learn things they can put to use.