How can progressives win in rural US? CHLOE MAXMIN & CANYON WOODWARD, DIRT ROAD REVIVAL

Written on July 14th, 2022
When the American electoral system was created, over 95% of Americans lived in rural communities. Today fewer than 20% do. The 20 senators from the 10 most populous states – home to half the US population – make up only a fifth of the US Senate. When, the solution to minority rule, exemplified by the Senate filibuster and the radical 6-3 Supreme Court, is to vote  – then finding a successful way to connect with, win over, and represent rural voters is more essential than ever. CHLOE MAXMIN, a progressive, has won two elections to the state legislature in rural Maine. In DIRT ROAD REVIVAL, she and campaign manager CANYON WOODWARD share their approach to reversing the slide of rural voters to the GOP.