Q&A: RICK JACOBS, Courage Campaign 14 orgs’ progressive advice for CA propositions

Written on November 6th, 2012


Aired 11/04/12

The final day to vote in this year’s elections is Tuesday November 6th. Last week I talked with Tom Hayden. Despite failures and frustrations, Tom believes the BARACK OBAMA accomplished more than he gets credit for and that his re-election is critical to many of the issues progressives care about.

YES 30 !!!!

NO 32 !!!!

No 31

No 33

Yes 34

Mixed 35

Yes 36

Yes 37

Yes 39

Yes 40


ALSO: November 2005 with 1972 Democratic presidential candidate GEORGE McGOVERN, who passed away two weeks ago today. As a 24 year old, I worked on his national staff. In fact, I moved to Los Angeles for the first time to run the campaign in what was then the 52nd Assembly district, the most conservative Democratic district in the state at the time.

I recorded the interview with McGovern on the occasion of the release of ONE BRIGHT, SHINING MOMENT: The Forgotten Summer of George McGovern, a documentary on the 1972 campaign I highly recommend you watch on DVD.


Q&A: Eduardo Galeano, Latin America’s most acclaimed writers

Written on August 17th, 2009


Aired 08/11/09

It is my privilege to have Latin America's most acclaimed writers, EDUARDO GALEANO. I confess I was not aware of him until Hugo Chavez presented Barack Obama with one of his books. For that introduction, I thank the Venzuelan President. GALEANO's works are a unique blend of history, fiction, journalism and political analysis, and his life is so much more than that.

Born in Uruguay in 1940, EDUARDO GALEANO began writing newspaper articles as a teenager, by the age of 20 he became Editor-in-Chief of LaMarcha. A few years later, he took the top post at Montevideo's daily newspaper Epocha. At 31, he wrote his most famous book - Chavez gift -- The Open Veins Of Latin America: Five Centuries Of The Pillage Of A Continent.

After the 1973 military coup in Uruguay, GALEANO was imprisoned and forced to leave the country. He settled in Argentina where he founded and edited a cultural magazine, Crisis. After the 1976 military coup there, he moved to Spain where he began his classic work Memory of Fire, a three-volume narrative of the history of America, North and South. He eventually returned home to his native Uruguay where he now lives.