A World That Just Might Work

Written on July 26th, 2011

I will here on a consistent occasional basis publish thoughts, opinions, examples, quotations, questions, interviews, etc. that aim to illuminate the pursuit of a world that just might work.

My Mission

My mission is to contribute to the transformation of human endeavor (particularly as practiced and promoted by the multinational corporations of the US and its peers) from its current emphasis on short-term material production and consumption to an emphasis on longer term learning, meaning, and satisfaction; from a worldview that sees reality as dead, static, linear, and mechanical, to one that realizes reality is alive, dynamic, and composed of interdependent relationships; from a culture of greed and competition to one of respect, connection, and cooperation; from separate, isolated, and alienated individuals looking out only for themselves and a particular small circle of concern to members of a larger community whose actions are linked to “downstream” consequences beyond geographical, political, or generational boundaries.

I will do this by seeking out evidence — novel, innovative, provocative, and worthy of attention: data, information, knowledge, guiding principles, relationships, connections, social entrepreneurs and organizations, technologies, myths and myth makers, stories, narratives, etc. and disseminating this challenging and inspirational information in a range of media.