Q&A: RANDY HAYES, ED of Foundation Earth former head of Rainforest Action Network, working to “ecologize” the economy


Aired 11/18/12

I’ll be talking with RANDY HAYES, former head of Rainforest Action Network, currently ED of Foundation Earth, whose primary work these days is rethinking and “ecologizing” the economy. While Balog offers evidence of some symptoms of our way of life, the consequences of our actions, Hayes is attempting to develop radical approaches to economics that will enable us to deal with the underlying causes.

RANDY HAYES is a Climate Policy Officer at the World Future Council, a global forum composed of 50 individuals from around the world championing the rights of future generations and working to ensure that humanity acts now for a sustainable future. Hayes is also the founder of Rainforest Action Network, a veteran of many high-visibility corporate accountability campaigns, served as President to the City of San Francisco Commission on the Environment, and as Director of Sustainability in the office of Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown. Hayes has a Master’s degree in Environmental Planning from San Francisco State University and his master’s thesis, The Four Corners, won the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences award for “Best Student Documentary” in 1983.


2 thoughts on “Q&A: RANDY HAYES, ED of Foundation Earth former head of Rainforest Action Network, working to “ecologize” the economy”

  1. Mr. Hayes seems to have a true concern about OUR Earth’s health. If more people had his desire to help the Earth as much as they harm the Earth, we all would have a much better place to live.

  2. Thank you Terry for such a substantive conversation with Randy Hayes. Our world would certainly be a healthier and happier place if this kind of comprehensive, whole systems, interdependent thinking could be translated into action. Public policy and personal behavior could be beautifully transformed by embracing just a few of Randy’s recommendations!

    inward and onward!

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