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 with Stephan Schwartz, 8 LAWS of CHANGE

If you’re working to build a healthier and more just society, and want your ideas and your good works to achieve greater impact, let me help you tap the unique power of narrative.

pointing-reversed My path – teaching, acting,  screenwriting, music and film producing, facilitating, in-depth interviews – has led me full circle again to teaching, through speeches and workshops. After 15 years of radio interviews with visionary thinkers and doers – I now produce and host Disruptive, a podcast for Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering.
I draw on all those experiences to help you develop more engaging narratives and tell more compelling stories. Listen here
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Tracking trends for 25 years
Great Schism, Theocratic Right, Trump
Daily Schwartzreport, 8 LAWS of CHANGE



SAT 3/4 Two political classics from 2004
GEORGE LAKOFF, Don’t Think of an Elephant
THOMAS FRANK, What’s the Matter w Kansas?


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Tom Hayden, Endorsing Obama in 2012
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DISRUPTIVE podcast: Fluorescent In Situ Sequencing


Up till now, sequencing couldn’t be done on intact cells nor provide spatial information. Now Harvard’s Wyss Institute has developed FISSEQ, a genesequencing technology that simultaneously reads sequences of thousands of RNAs and visualizes their 3D coordinates within cells and tissues. It could lead to earlier cancer diagnosis, help us understand embryonic development, and map neurons of the brain. George Church, Rick Terry, and Shawn Marcell are featured in the latest episode of my podcast with the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering.



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